Fine Art

Huw is currently working on three fine art projects. Each image in these galleries is for sale. The photographs are printed in three editions of 9 prints each. The first edition consists of 15″x10″ prints suitable for a 20″x16″ frame. The second edition consists of 21″x14″ prints suitable for a 28″x22″ frame. The third edition is unlimited in size, with the print customized to the need of the collector, subject to limitations of print resolution. For pricing, please contact the artist at

Please click on the links to go to the galleries.

  • Traces – a series of photographs about the constancy of change. Industries come and go. Human infrastructure is built and then decays. Civilizations rise and fall. In this project, Huw examines human artefacts that document the traces of former human structures, some decayed and some preserved, to show how quickly nature reclaims our efforts and to pose questions around why we choose to preserve some traces and not others.
  • End of summer – a collection of images inspired by the life and slow decline of my father. These colourful photographs of summer attractions taken in the off-season represent the glory of our lives in our heyday and the eventual end of our summer years. The images are bitter sweet, but do foretell of better things to come as winter passes and summer comes again.
  • Sanctuary — This series of photographs celebrates the peaceful notion of sanctuary as well as the physical space called a church sanctuary by photographing the interiors of community churches. The artist has documented views of church interiors that emphasize the quietness, the beauty and the atmosphere of the sanctuary and how it contributes to quiet contemplation, perhaps prayer and, ultimately, personal change.