As a professional event photographer, I cover a wide variety of musical events, mostly divided into three categories:

  • Contemporary Music: this past summer, I was a freelance photojournalist for the Haliburton Echo and Minden Times, covering musical events ranging from bluegrass and country to rock and roll.
  • Orchestral Music: As an assistant to Stuart Lowe, I’ve covered Royal Conservatory of Music events extensively. As official photographer to the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra, I’ve had the privilege of covering their concert schedule.
  • Opera: Tryptych Concert & Opera, together with the Cathedral Bluffs Orchestra, put on several operas a year and I’ve been asked to take photographs of the dress rehearsals.

If you have a musical event that needs a photographer, please contact me at My rates are affordable and I occasionally do work on a voluntary basis for small, non-profit groups.