India Photo Themes 4 – Architecture

This is my fourth blog post on photo themes to consider on your next trip to India. India is a treasure trove of architecture. The princes who ruled the various empires throughout Indian history built countless forts and palaces. Each of the major religions, Hindus, Muslims, Jains and Seikhs, built major temples to honour their gods. Rich rulers built beautiful tombs to their loved ones. European invaders, including the British, the Portuguese, the Dutch and the French, left colonial architecture as their imprint on the landscape.

This inheritance places a tremendous burden on an Indian society that struggles to fund the maintenance of all these structures. From a photographer’s point of view, the lack of perfection in these monuments is part of the attraction and can enhance the image making opportunity.

Here are some architecture images to whet your appetite for your own trip:


Classic colonial architecture – this is the viceroy’s residence in Shimla



More colonial architecture – the royal suite in the Woodville Palace Hotel


Inside a gothic structure that housed the Shimla town hall sits the marvelous Gaiety Theatre, designed by Henry Irwin. Rudyard Kipling once acted on this stage.


The Jama Masjid mosque in Delhi is one of the largest in India and features hundreds of beautiful archways.


The famous Qutub Minar in Delhi, a five story tower that is the tallest brick minaret in the world


Inside the Qutub Minar Complex


Humayan’s Tomb, Delhi, commissioned by Akbar in the 16th century, featuring some of the most beautiful Mughal architecture in India


Humayan’s Tomb, Delhi


Humayan’s Tomb, Delhi


Humayan’s Tomb, Delhi


Tomb in the Nizzamuddin Basti community of Delhi


A misty scene at Fatehpur Sikri, an ancient city built by Akbar in the 16th century and abandoned due to lack of water.


Lovely reflecting pools at Fatehpur Sikri


A beautiful oasis, the gardens at the Bagh Resort in Bharatpur


The gorgeous peacock gate in the Jaipur city palace


The spectacular interior of Mehrengar Fort in Jodpur. 


Jain Temple in Ranakpur, built in 1437


An ancient step well in Udaipur. The step well was flooded, so you had to look into the water to see the steps.

Taj Mahal Fixed

No caption necessary. I must admit to a little help from Photoshop on this one – there were two towers being renovated when we visited


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