Making an Animated Movie

It’s week 14 already and my photography course is nearing the end. Last week was a very hectic week and I’m only getting round to the blog post today (Tuesday). We had two main assignments: make a movie and create an art installation.

The movie making was great fun. We used a pretty simple tool (Windows Movie Maker) that comes with Windows, but the app was good enough to do the job. I picked an environmental theme for the week that carried over to the art installation as well.

The short (2 min.) animated movie, called Kaleidoscope, consists of several parts:

  • We start with the chaos of nature, represented by a milkweed plant in full seed
  •  As mankind moves beyond hunting and gathering, nature is distorted to fit our vision. The milkweed plant starts to distort into a triangle. I triangle border appears and the plant is boxed in, representing the dawn of agriculture.
  • We then move into a fast-paced representation of the industrial revolution. The triangles proliferate and get arranged into a man-made mosaic or kaleidoscope, representing the complexity of our civilization.
  • As we start to lose control over our environment, the mosaic starts to decay into distorted shapes, eventually slipping off the screen and breaking into pieces.
  • Mankind tries to put the pieces back together, but the mosaic slowly shrinks, representing the end of civilization.
  • In its place, nature starts to grow, eventually shedding the triangle and unfolding to its former chaotic glory.

Here’s the video

The wonderful harp music is by an artist called Stephanie Johnson. Let me know what you think of the video.


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