Two Interesting New Cameras

I happened to notice a couple of interesting new cameras on the Internet today. Interesting if you’re a geek, anyway.

SLR Film Camera made by a 3D printer

First, we have a film camera made using a 3D printer. There has been so much written lately about producing a gun with a 3D printer that it’s nice to see something more useful and constructive being done with these devices.

The world’s first tossable camera

The second device that caught my eye was a camera in a ball. I recommend going to the website and watching the video – it’s a really neat invention that has a lot of potential applications. For example, it can be used to take pictures over areas where people can’t tread (e.g. after a fire) by throwing the ball over the area.

Just goes to show that there are lots of great inventors out there busy making fantastic new cameras.


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