All Quiet on the Camera Front

The last few weeks, I’ve been struck at how quiet the new camera rumor mill has been. Are we entering a period of relative stability in the digital camera world? Is the excitement over?

Sony is rumored to be working on a minor enhancement to its Nex-7. Canon is rumored to be announcing a new entry-level DSLR camera. Sigma just fleshed out its line-up of Merrill cameras with a 75mm equivalent fixed-lens model. Nikon just underwhelmed the market again with a fixed lens effort that won’t set anyone’s heart to racing. Folks, we’re in the doldrums!

Perhaps it’s time we all started to focus on making pictures and forgot about buying and selling cameras and lenses.

BTW: I just upgraded my long-end zoom by selling off my Canon 70-300 DO lens and buying the 70-300 L lens. It was a trade off. The DO lens was a little soft, but it was compact, black and relatively light. The new L version is much sharper, but is heavy and white (really gray). I hiked up a hill behind my brother’s place last week with the 5d mk II and the 70-300 L lens around my neck and it was a load! However, as the image below attests, the lens is tack sharp.

Startled Dove


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