Camera as Tool versus Fashion Accessory

Buskers and Fan on the Roncy

Yesterday was one of those terrific days when time slowed down and I had an opportunity to go for a walk with perfect weather and light. The sun was starting to set and was shining on the opposite side of the street. The Roncesvalles Avenue Saturday scene was in full swing and I had the perfect gear to capture the atmosphere: a Sony Nex-7 with the Sony 50mm f1.8 lens. This is the perfect tool for street photography. It is small, light, unobtrusive and fits in your hand like it was molded especially for the job. The 75mm full-frame equivalent lens is the perfect focal length for taking shots from the shade across the street. I spent a very enjoyable hour walking up the Roncy just soaking up the scene and taking photos.

Roncy Mural

The Roncy has it all: murals, fruit markets, funky boutiques, antique stores and buskers. There is a noticeable lack of brand name stores, so people are browsing and shopping for pleasure instead of rushing to get their groceries.

Fruit Village Dandy

As I was finishing my walk and turning onto Queen Street, I passed a couple of young guys walking along. I overheard them comparing notes about their morning workout . They were dressed impeccably in Roncy casual. One of them had a camera hanging from his wrist – and what a camera it was. It looked to me like a Fuji E-X1 or Pro-X1 in a lovely leather case. It had a fancy all-silver lens on it, probably some sort of Leica. However, I couldn’t help but notice that he wasn’t taking any pictures with it. It sure looked good hanging from his wrist like a fabulous fashion accessory. My Sony doesn’t look as good. It’s black, functional, rather small and inconspicuous. But, it feels so good in my hand and I can work all the controls with one thumb. I’ll keep the Sony thanks!

Figurine Lamps



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