Homage to Fred Herzog

Granville/Robson by Fred Herzog

Fred Herzog is one of those rare photographers who becomes an overnight sensation after a life spent accumulating a wonderful body of work. As you can see from the image above, colour is Fred’s passion. His main venue is Vancouver and he loves to wander the streets taking pictures of the people, buildings and cars of this great city. Fortunately, at age 82, he is still busy creating new material.

The first time I saw Fred’s work was at a retrospective show in May 2011 at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA). I was totally enthralled by the vivid reds captured on Kodachrome slides and printed using ink jets. His work is not subtle, yet he captures the atmosphere of Vancouver’s neighbourhoods like no other artist that I know of.

This Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive a great book of Fred Herzog’s work.  Not only does it have an abundant collection of his images, but it also has some great articles by Jeff Wall, Douglas Coupland, Sarah Milroy and Claudia Gochmann. I recommend it heartily.

This past week-end, I had a couple of hours to wander around Toronto with my Nex-7 and got a chance to shoot some photos in the Herzog style. Here is my homage to Fred Herzog.


Mural and Cars

Nelly Nelly

Fancy Dress

Blow that Horn


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